Validators privatizes Communication Analytics

By Martin Leeflang, CEO | mar 31, 2015


Focus on international expansion and strategic collaborations

In 2014, Communication Analytics was prized with an international ESOMAR award nomination for most promising campaign effectiveness research worldwide. Ever since, a dedicated team of 10FTE analysed over €130 million of media campaigns for more than 20 clients. The reason for the privatization of Communication Analytics BV (CA) is the ambition to focus on possible (inter)national expansion and strategic collaborations.

The online software platform is the core of CA method

CA started in 2012 with the development of an online software platform based on econometric algorithms, that has the ability to point out campaign effectiveness of both offline and online media by using marketing data in combination with web statistics. The platform makes complex synergetic effects between offline and online (e.g. AdWords) media measurable. Moreover, it calculates the absolute value of the total media spend and the so-called invisible 50% ‘waste’ in campaigns (the share of the media budget that is spent inefficient).

CA is scalable on international level

The method is applicable for any advertiser in any country due to the characteristics of the online platform, provided that information about media reach is accessible. Likewise, it is very suitable for strategic marketing and media consultancy. This year, CA will be looking for international partnerships and strategic alliances.

Martin Leeflang (CEO): “By this privatization, we want to focus even more on media efficiency with innovative data-driven research. For the upcoming years, we expect the market of advertising and media-effectiveness research to exist for 50% of collecting data and analysing it by using smart algorithms. Communication Analytics anticipates on this trend.”

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Martin Leeflang

Martin Leeflang