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Masterclass: How research has improved the impact of OOH campaigns

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A hands-on class about optimizing your OOH ads to increase the effects and generate more conversion. All illustrated with real cases and examples. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and join us for a morning of real insights. Boost your next OOH campaign. Make a splash!

In this masterclass we will tap into our extensive experience in measuring and optimizing OOH campaigns. Our methods help both marketers and creatives to maximize the communicative ability of their ads without compromising the creative or strategic integrity. It’s all about the execution, and understanding how consumers perceive OOH ads. We will give you hands-on tools to increase the effect of your campaigns and illustrate this with real cases from our extensive database of OOH advertising research.

The 5 main take-aways will be:

  • How to utilize the 2-second rule of OOH
  • Why we don’t see what we remember and don’t remember what we see. (How Implicit methods give you the answer)
  • Brand or Product? Our Coca-Cola case versus McDonalds case (You’ll be surprised)
  • Learnings from our benchmark database of over 1000 OOH campaigns (now with Digital OOH)
  • How OOH drives sales, opening of newsletters or web visits. Real attribution data from Communication Analytics.

(Denna Masterclass hålls på engelska)

Talare: Nick Harmsen, MD Nordics & Martin Leeflang, CEO
När: 21 april, 8:00 – 10:30
Tid: Vi serverar frukost från 08:00 och sätter igång 08:30 fram till 10:30
Var: The Park, Hälsingegatan 49, 4tr Stockholm