What’s more effective: daytime or primetime advertising?

TimeframeDo you ever question whether advertising on television at primetime is more beneficial than at daytime? People often think primetime is more effective, simply because a lot of people watch television during that time of the day. Perhaps this is jumping to conclusions, because efficacy could also depend on for example weekday. In this blogpost we will tell you the ins and outs of a timeframe analysis and how this research could help you into optimizing your advertising strategy.

Your optimal timeframe in a glance

Your media agency probably gives you the opportunity to compose an advertisement package (e.g. daytime or primetime). However, how do you know which packages are most cost efficient? To find out the answer, you could carry out a timeframe analysis that provides insights into the effectiveness of any desired campaign during possible timeframes and days of the week. Besides, future potential effectiveness can clearly be derived from the matrix. This matrix does not only display the reach per timeframe and weekday, but also the part of the target group that contributed to increasing your KPI (e.g. web visits, sales, conversions).

Sounds complex? The matrix itself is not a big deal; the colours ensure that the optimal timeframe is easily to recognize for anybody. Below you can see such a result matrix (fictional), where workdays are grouped into one category. It is also possible to analyse these days separately. Be aware of the fact that optimal timeframes and weekdays will differ between sectors and organizations.

The road to success

In contrast to the clear matrix, the calculation behind these results is rather complex. Multiple influential factors are taken into account, such as cost price (CPM), cost efficiency and general campaign effectiveness results derived from other analyses.

Besides, effects that often occur during late night advertising are delayed effects. As you can imagine, most people that watched late night television will take action the next day by visiting the website or by going to a store.

Did you know…

… during the weekend, daytime advertising is for a lot of companies more effective than primetime advertising? Even though more people watch television on Saturdays and Sundays than on workdays, the more expensive price tag of primetime does not always deliver on its promises.

Become an expert

If you want to get smarter about your winning and losing timeframes per weekday it is necessary to collect and store all the available data on your media expenses, web visits and sales. After all your data is sanitised the all-round campaign effectiveness can be analysed. With these insights, it is possible to get a timeframe analysis. In short, be proactive in having your current advertising strategy researched. By acting like this, your ROI can increase to a great extent.

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Marjolein Backus

Research Assistant