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Communication Analytics gives you fact-based insights in the performance of online and offline campaigns on all parts of the sales funnel (brand, website visits, store visits, the actual conversion and sales). We determine exactly which part of the KPIS is caused by the fact that you will run a campaign and which part by external factors. We use various data sources and determine your campaign effect by applying econometric models like regression analysis and Attribution Modeling to your data. Communication Analytics is an innovative data driven solution. We are the agency for communications effectiveness research and we can service you in order to optimize media spending and ads.

2015 Winner ‘Market Research Agency of the year 2015’, MOA Awards

2014 Nominated for the ‘Research Effectiveness Award 2014’, ESOMAR

2014 Nominated for ‘Market Research Agency of the year 2014’, MOA Awards

2011 Nominated for the ‘Research Effectiveness Award 2011’, ESOMAR

How we work



data from both online and offline campaigns.


this data using our online software platform.


on reallocation opportunities for future campaigns.


by optimizing your media mix using insights from Communication Analytics.

Types of analyses

Effectiveness media mix

This analysis tests the campaign effects within different channels during the campaign period. The effects are measured on the KPI of advertisers such as: web visits, sales, store visits and conversion. The effect is determined by analysing the reach and invested costs. Ultimately, we calculate the so called ‘waste’ (the inefficiently spent budget).

Impact per channel

The different medium types are analysed by calculating how many web visits you can buy with € 1,000.- per channel. The impact per channel analysis is applicable for each KPI.

Synergy effects

The effect of simultaneous media engagement can be calculated, which is specified as synergetic effects. The influence of any offline channel on online media can be determined.

DIA (Direct Impact Analysis) and 2nd screen effect

The DIA analysis calculates the direct effect of the different channels (i.e. Radio and Television) per hour. The results provide insights into the most effective time for airing a radio or TV commercial. Traffic from mobile devices is compared to media schedules to calculate the 2nd screen effect.


Our benchmark (€ 250 M) is used to collect learnings on branch- and campaign level. Results are compared to averages of clients in a similar market. These learnings provide insight into market specific efficiencies and inefficiencies.


By analyzing your previous campaigns, we can determine your future by advising how to reallocate your budget and creating your perfect campaign flight. Our advice is actionable instead of incomprehensible, so it can be applied directly when planning your next flights.

Satisfied client

Sacha Pepermans, Marketing Intelligence KIA:We asked Communication Analytics for a 360 degree insight in the effects of our online and offline marketing campaign to reach the best return of our investment. Communication Analytics provided us with not only short term insights, but also made it possible to translate these insights to concrete improvements.

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